My life in IT

I myself have a Mac and this kinda scared me. I have also read where there is some way hackers can get into the computer and get a virus in your battery and actually make your computer blow up!

When I watched this video it blew my mind! I didn’t know what to expect from this 3D printer but when I saw the final products I thought it was amazing. They even print in color!!

Will Tumblr become as ubiquitous as Facebook?


When you talk about blogs and blogging platforms in 2012, you can’t help but also hear about Tumblr. Sites like Blogspot and LiveJournal are becoming non-players when it comes to blogging. Posterous was a threat at one point, but their time has ended as well. So what’s left? Well you have the big one, WordPress, and you also have Tumblr.

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I think this is a good method of making new apps because I feel that people will produce their best work in times like those.  I find it insane that a company can invest $5,000 to host one of these hackathons for about 100 people that have the chance at making a multi-million app.

When I first heard of this festival I thought it was only for music. One of my friends actually attended this festival and from his pictures it looks really cool! But anyways… now that I’ve learned about the different aspects of this festival it’s much more interesting to me. I would love to go in the future and experience it.

This is what our social networking has come too… Now I support social networking myself I have a Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr (Other than this one) but I feel that it’s taking over peoples lives. These social networking sites have created disorders and addictions that can ruin someones job or even worse their entire life.

I usually don’t get all that excited when I see a new Apple product coming out because I feel like there isn’t to much that has changed from the last version of the product. The iPad 4 however is supposed to have some major upgrades like twice as many pixels as the iPad 2 and apparently has the battery life to actually last a full day.  I also like how in this article they point out that Apple is beginning to sell their previous models still even when a newer version is released.

This is awesome! I think I find this so interesting because I am currently enrolled in a psych class.  It’s cool that by focusing on the game it takes your mind off of the pain these burn victims would be going through.  If I was ever put in that position I would for sure try to use this method of therapy.

In this article they talk about how the cell phone companies are to controlling. I agree with them, especially now that they are limiting the amount of data one can download.